About Hotel Web Designer

My name is Dumitru Brinzan and I started HotelWebDesigner.com to share my ideas and thoughts about hotel website design.

I’ve created my very first hotel website back in 2005 by writing my own PHP website engine.

Then in 2010 I got into WordPress and started creating commercial and custom WordPress themes.

In 2013 I took the task of providing affordable WordPress themes for independent hotels and B&Bs from all around the world, so I launched a niche theme shop called HermesThemes.

As I am more of a technical person focused on the programming and optimization side, my theme designs are data-driven. My themes are designed to achieve a specific purpose, and not just to look hip or trendy.

I’m researching hotel websites on a daily basis, currently with a personal database of 899,726 hotel websites.

I Review Websites

Get in touch if you would like a no-nonsense, honest review of your website. I will analyze your design, code, content and performance. Don’t worry, a quick review is free.

I Create Websites

Get in touch if you want a new WordPress website or to update your existing one. Even though I have my own Hotel WordPress Themes that I prefer working with, I can implement any other theme too.

I Analyze Your Competition

Get in touch if you want a technical and SEO analysis of your competition. I use a selection of professional tools for research and monitoring for my own business, but I don’t mind using it for your purposes.